• photos and cards and such.

    A few weeks back, Amanda Jane Jones emailed me and asked if I could be a part of a photo shoot. I said yes for multiple reasons, but mainly because I was excited to finally meet her in real life (!). Folks, let me tell you, she's a doll.

    She is teaming up with MammothBooth and Dose Market on November 11th for a Holiday Card Pop-Up shop. If you're in Chicago, you should go!

    These are some outtakes that made me smile. I asked my buddy Gordon to come and be my "plus 1" for the evening. He's a trooper.

    For more information on the event and to see more (adorable) card designs, visit Amanda's blog here.

  • brooklyn to detroit. the end.

    That's it. It's over. Me sad. My flight left in the afternoon, but I didn't really do anything besides drink coffee, walk Sarah to the subway and pack. If it isn't clear by now, this trip was for serious amazing. I'm still inspired. I'm sad it's over, but it's exactly what I needed. I plan to pay attention to the details and do something. Make something. Be proud of myself.

    I did make one last stop at The Brooklyn Kitchen for a special present. They had this sign by the register and it made me smile...

    It's a perfect ending. It really represents how I feel after this trip.

    On a serious note, my heart goes out to all that were effected by Sandy. Stay strong, my friends.

    The end.

    xo - Melissa.

  • detroit to brooklyn. day 6.

    Day 6. My last full day. Sigh... Today, I walked and walked and then walked some more. I pretty much had to fly solo for most of the day, but I was OK with that.

    My first stop was Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop. Holy cow. HOLY cow. Red velvet magic. I wanted one of each. So, so good.

    I took the subway to Bryant Park to stop at Kinokuniya. Oh man, I wanted to buy so many things. After this, I just walked and shopped and ate yummy things. It was nice to just wander and pop into stores when I saw something interesting. I ate too many desserts and drank too much coffee. It was brilliant.

    I ended up at ABC Carpet & Home. And man, can I have all of the things? Or, can I just move in? That store is wonderful. So, so glad I remembered to stop by.

    When Sarah got off work, we met up at Num Pang. Do yourself a favor and go there. Now. Also, can I come? Seriously yummy stuff. I had some amazing corn on the cob, too. Anywhere that has sriracha on the table wins my heart.

    Sarah and I went home after this to chill and watch TV. It was the perfect ending to my day. I know that might seem lame since I was on vacation, but I never get to just sit and watch TV with my best gal.

    Did I mention I walked a lot?

  • detroit to brooklyn. day 5.

    This day was kind of magical. No real plans except to enjoy the day with Sarah and Clint. Perfect. We started the day with a home cooked meal (thanks, Sarah!).

    Gif by Clint Spaulding

    First, we stumbled upon the Black & White Gallery. There was a crazy cool exhibition going on by Shantell Martin. I'm so glad we stopped in. It was really impressive and awesome.

    Gifs by Clint Spaulding

    Clint took these awesome photos of Sarah and I and made them into gifs! I lurve them so much.

    Next, Sarah and I headed to the flea market. Yay! I've always wanted to go. There were so many treasures to be found. I really just window shopped, but it was still great to walk around and look at all the pretties. However, we obviously had to get something yummy from one of the food trucks. Le duh.

    We only stopped in DuMont Burger for coffee, but I snapped a few photos because I thought it was the cutest little place.

    We decided to walk across the Williamsburg Bridge. It's not the most beautiful of all the bridges, but it's still pretty lovely. Plus, it allowed time for Sarah and I to have a nice long chat.

    Then, we walked through the Chelsea Market. We didn't get much, but I bought some sea salt because I thought the package was pretty. Typical.

    Sarah and I walked The High Line after, but sadly, I didn't take any photos. If you visit the city, I highly recommend doing this. It's super cool.

    Before dinner we stopped at this great little bar in Greenpoint. I have no idea what the name of it was, but it was cute and I drank a yummy beer.

    We met back up with Clint and ended the day with pizza at Paulie Gee's. Yum. Yum. Nom. Nom. One of our pizzas had hot honey on it. Yes. Hot honey. Of course I took some home. I have since been trying to base my meals on what will taste good with hot honey drizzled on top. Everything? OK.

    This may have been my favorite day in the city. I love just wandering around and not knowing what you will discover (especially with my best friend by my side).

  • brooklyn to philly. day 4. girl crush!!!!

    Photo by Something's Hiding In Here

    Ah, yes. The long awaited Girl Crush Tea Party with Shauna and Danielle. It feels like forever ago that I purchased my ticket and now it has come and gone. But people, this event was bananas amazing. So, so good.

    I mean, come on. As soon as you walk into Shauna and Stephen's loft, you can't help but be inspired. The light. The surroundings. It's simply incredible. I could totally work in this space. In fact, I'd like to move in right now.

    We started the day off with coffee and treats. Followed by more coffee and treats. It was definitely a day of indulgence. It was awesome.

    Photo by Something's Hiding In Here

    Then, we all settled together and started to get to know one another. Everyone that attended was incredible. For serious. What a great group of ladies. And let me just tell you, Shauna and Danielle are even cooler than I could have ever imagined.

    We did some small group activities, but spent most of the day talking together. Danielle asked us to talk about who we are jealous of and why. Then we all tried to help each other figure out how we could make changes in our own lives, in order to not be so jealous anymore. It was all inspiring. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging. It was truly amazing to connect with new people and not feel so alone. It really gave me the extra push that I need. I can do this.

    Photos by Something's Hiding In Here

    Then, we ate more treats. Lots of treats. Including some amazing whoopie pies from coco love. I die. Later in the afternoon, we all made something. I was so busy eating whoopie pies and chatting, that I honestly didn't finish my project. It will get done at some point. It will.

    Photo by Something's Hiding In Here

    Pffft... these gift bags. Increds. Look what was inside...

    Are you serious? This was the best gift bag in the history of gift bags.

    crinkle fans by BHLDN//truffle plates by BHLDN//field specimen press by Seed House//candle by Greenmarket Purveying Co.//tea towel by Girls Can Tell//pouches by Made By Hank//twinkle sparkler by Giant Dwarf

    Don't tell, but we let Dexter and Stephen hang out, too. I even caught Stephen eating our food. We let him slide, 'cause he's cool.

    I have a lot more to say about this whole event and what I took away from it. I feel like this will come out in the coming days on my blog. For now, just know, that it truly was the kick-in-the-butt that I needed. I left feeling magical and inspired. I have been able to bring that feeling back to Detroit with me and now I'm just trying to keep the momentum going. There are big things to come. Big things.

    Girl Crush rocks.

  • i love michigan.

    I interrupt my regularly scheduled programming (Detroit to Brooklyn to Philly) to bring you a little Michigan shout out. I do love my home state and sometimes travel can make you forget that. Tonight, I went to a somewhat dorky, but also awesome birthday/historical gathering for Stevens T. Mason, the first governor of Michigan. We lit sparklers, we drank beer and we talked about history. It was awesome. I have cool, smart friends. I'm looking at you, Amy Elliott Bragg. Amy writes this great blog called The Night Train. If you're interested in history, specifically Detroit history, you should check it out. She has a way of making it fun. Anyone who can speak so naturally about history, impresses me. My brain just doesn't work like that. Hat tip to you, Amy. You're awesome.

    I love Michigan. The end.

  • brooklyn to philly. day 3.

    Maybe this isn't the bus we took to Philly, but honestly, this one is just more fun to look at. Plus, I totally took this photo in Brooklyn, so it counts. Day 3 started off really slow for me. I had to catch up on sleep because when I first arrived, I hadn't slept in over 48 hours. Sleep was followed by travel. It took much longer than predicted thanks to the lateness of our bus. Good times.

    I picked Sarah up at work. I felt like I was in a movie when I walked into this area. It's not everyday you go to the office of a major publication in NYC. I felt like Carrie Bradshaw walking into Vogue, but I wasn't there to make money or wearing high heels for that matter.

    We only went to the train station in Philly to use the bathroom, but I'm glad we stopped in, because old train stations are pretty.

    Since our bus took forevs, we didn't have time to do much else besides eat/drink. We took a potentially sketchy walk from our hotel to The Continental. It was a small hike, but I'm glad we walked. We ended up seeing a great little neighborhood in Philly. And, I must say, the food was worth the walk. I realize that is a ridiculously grainy shot, but I just wanted to show you those shoestring fries. Amazing. We ordered a bunch of small plates and they just kept bringing them out as they were ready. Sarah and I sat there for a few hours and had some great, inspiring conversation. It was really nice. Her and I don't get to do that often enough. I love her. The end.

  • hello, you. let's be friends. #9.

    I made a personal project! Yay! I find that they are the hardest, but tend to be the most fulfilling. Don't you? This all started because I wanted to give the girls at Girl Crush (I will blog about that soon!) a little something to remember me by. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. The whole thing, including what I took away from the event itself, is kind of leading me in a new, exciting direction. I can't wait to share more with you.

    Also, I'd like to think this addresses #9 on the list and it makes my about page look prettier. Which is awesome.

  • detroit to brooklyn. day 2.

    Day two was pretty amazing. I mean, look at the weather. Clear skies all around. Sarah had to work for most of the day, but I found it easy to just wander around this beautiful city alone.

    My first stop was Depanneur. Man, this shop was special. I wanted to buy all of the things. I specifically went there to get some Whimsy & Spice cookies, but left with a handful of other goodies, too (including the gorgeous new issue of Kinfolk).

    Next up, I stopped at the Brooklyn Art Library. That place. Oh, that place. It's made of magic. I bought so many treasures. Like, serious treasures. If you're ever in the neighborhood, it's a must-see for sure. Plus, it's right next door to this...

    ...Mast Brothers Chocolate! It smells like heaven in there. I didn't want to leave. The sales girl said if I stayed long enough, I would smell like chocolate. I was OK with that. I brought home three bars and they are going quick.

    Sarah was able to break free from work to join me at the Oh Joy book party at West Elm. Joy is a doll and they served us yummy drinks and snacks. It was really a win, win kind of night. I'm so glad I got to meet her and hear her speak. She is inspiring.

    I ended the night with Netflix, a New York slice and cookies in bed. It was really a perfect, perfect day.

  • detroit to brooklyn. day 1. #10.

    Detroit to Brooklyn. This trip was... The. Best. I'm home now (le duh), but I'm trying my hardest to keep the momentum going. It's working! For now though, I think we should reflect on all of the lovelies from my trip. Sound good? OK!

    Now, this probably isn't the best looking street in Brooklyn, but let's face it. It's still great. There is just something about those buildings that gets me. Plus, Sarah lives here and that automatically makes it awesome. This also takes care of #10 on the list. Visit Sarah. Yay!

    This was the first place I ate at in Brooklyn. I could not have been happier, because food is important when traveling (and always). And bonus, the atmosphere was lovely, too. It's called Simple Cafe and it was perfect. The rest of the day I just casually wandered around Williamsburg and drank too many coffees until....

    ...Morrissey! I'm so glad I finally got to see him live. I'll cross that off the list now. To end the evening, we ate the yummiest empanadas and went to a super cool bar. I'd say this was a pretty great first day.