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  • the heidelberg project.

    The Heidelberg Project is a hidden gem in Detroit. Well, it's not exactly hidden, but it's definitely off the beaten path. A few weeks back, my friend had a visitor from Greece/Germany who wanted to see it. I was more than happy to take him. I have been a handful of times, but it had been years since my last visit. It's always nice to rediscover something in your own city.

    You can read all about what The Heidelberg Project is here and if you ever visit Detroit, make sure you pay it a visit. There's nothing else quite like it.

  • i love michigan.

    I interrupt my regularly scheduled programming (Detroit to Brooklyn to Philly) to bring you a little Michigan shout out. I do love my home state and sometimes travel can make you forget that. Tonight, I went to a somewhat dorky, but also awesome birthday/historical gathering for Stevens T. Mason, the first governor of Michigan. We lit sparklers, we drank beer and we talked about history. It was awesome. I have cool, smart friends. I'm looking at you, Amy Elliott Bragg. Amy writes this great blog called The Night Train. If you're interested in history, specifically Detroit history, you should check it out. She has a way of making it fun. Anyone who can speak so naturally about history, impresses me. My brain just doesn't work like that. Hat tip to you, Amy. You're awesome.

    I love Michigan. The end.