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  • detroit to brooklyn. day 6.

    Day 6. My last full day. Sigh... Today, I walked and walked and then walked some more. I pretty much had to fly solo for most of the day, but I was OK with that.

    My first stop was Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop. Holy cow. HOLY cow. Red velvet magic. I wanted one of each. So, so good.

    I took the subway to Bryant Park to stop at Kinokuniya. Oh man, I wanted to buy so many things. After this, I just walked and shopped and ate yummy things. It was nice to just wander and pop into stores when I saw something interesting. I ate too many desserts and drank too much coffee. It was brilliant.

    I ended up at ABC Carpet & Home. And man, can I have all of the things? Or, can I just move in? That store is wonderful. So, so glad I remembered to stop by.

    When Sarah got off work, we met up at Num Pang. Do yourself a favor and go there. Now. Also, can I come? Seriously yummy stuff. I had some amazing corn on the cob, too. Anywhere that has sriracha on the table wins my heart.

    Sarah and I went home after this to chill and watch TV. It was the perfect ending to my day. I know that might seem lame since I was on vacation, but I never get to just sit and watch TV with my best gal.

    Did I mention I walked a lot?