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  • brooklyn to philly. day 4. girl crush!!!!

    Photo by Something's Hiding In Here

    Ah, yes. The long awaited Girl Crush Tea Party with Shauna and Danielle. It feels like forever ago that I purchased my ticket and now it has come and gone. But people, this event was bananas amazing. So, so good.

    I mean, come on. As soon as you walk into Shauna and Stephen's loft, you can't help but be inspired. The light. The surroundings. It's simply incredible. I could totally work in this space. In fact, I'd like to move in right now.

    We started the day off with coffee and treats. Followed by more coffee and treats. It was definitely a day of indulgence. It was awesome.

    Photo by Something's Hiding In Here

    Then, we all settled together and started to get to know one another. Everyone that attended was incredible. For serious. What a great group of ladies. And let me just tell you, Shauna and Danielle are even cooler than I could have ever imagined.

    We did some small group activities, but spent most of the day talking together. Danielle asked us to talk about who we are jealous of and why. Then we all tried to help each other figure out how we could make changes in our own lives, in order to not be so jealous anymore. It was all inspiring. Everyone was so supportive and encouraging. It was truly amazing to connect with new people and not feel so alone. It really gave me the extra push that I need. I can do this.

    Photos by Something's Hiding In Here

    Then, we ate more treats. Lots of treats. Including some amazing whoopie pies from coco love. I die. Later in the afternoon, we all made something. I was so busy eating whoopie pies and chatting, that I honestly didn't finish my project. It will get done at some point. It will.

    Photo by Something's Hiding In Here

    Pffft... these gift bags. Increds. Look what was inside...

    Are you serious? This was the best gift bag in the history of gift bags.

    crinkle fans by BHLDN//truffle plates by BHLDN//field specimen press by Seed House//candle by Greenmarket Purveying Co.//tea towel by Girls Can Tell//pouches by Made By Hank//twinkle sparkler by Giant Dwarf

    Don't tell, but we let Dexter and Stephen hang out, too. I even caught Stephen eating our food. We let him slide, 'cause he's cool.

    I have a lot more to say about this whole event and what I took away from it. I feel like this will come out in the coming days on my blog. For now, just know, that it truly was the kick-in-the-butt that I needed. I left feeling magical and inspired. I have been able to bring that feeling back to Detroit with me and now I'm just trying to keep the momentum going. There are big things to come. Big things.

    Girl Crush rocks.