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  • detroit to brooklyn. day 1. #10.

    Detroit to Brooklyn. This trip was... The. Best. I'm home now (le duh), but I'm trying my hardest to keep the momentum going. It's working! For now though, I think we should reflect on all of the lovelies from my trip. Sound good? OK!

    Now, this probably isn't the best looking street in Brooklyn, but let's face it. It's still great. There is just something about those buildings that gets me. Plus, Sarah lives here and that automatically makes it awesome. This also takes care of #10 on the list. Visit Sarah. Yay!

    This was the first place I ate at in Brooklyn. I could not have been happier, because food is important when traveling (and always). And bonus, the atmosphere was lovely, too. It's called Simple Cafe and it was perfect. The rest of the day I just casually wandered around Williamsburg and drank too many coffees until....

    ...Morrissey! I'm so glad I finally got to see him live. I'll cross that off the list now. To end the evening, we ate the yummiest empanadas and went to a super cool bar. I'd say this was a pretty great first day.