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  • relaxing and friendship whales. #14 & #19.

    I have felt a bit under the weather for the last few days. Instead of making things worse, I decided it was time for a break. Time to relax (#14 on the list). I am really trying to get better at this. There are always a hundred things on my mind, ruining any hope for relaxation. However, I allowed myself a day of indulgence this week. Even though I didn't feel well, it was still pretty damn wonderful. I read lovely things, snuggled with my cats, stayed in bed, ate delicious snacks and watched some favorite movies. It was awesome.

    I'd also like to think that my day of relaxing was for my best girl Sarah's birthday! We couldn't be together (she lives in NY), but I definitely had ice cream in her honor. Maybe even a second helping. I sent her the bonjour card by Yellow Owl Workshop and this adorable friendship necklace (amies means friends in french). Of course I sent these because I love her, but also because I want to send more snail mail this year (#19 on the list). It's so much fun. I love the idea of people getting excited by a surprise in the mail.

    This is Sarah. She can fly.

    Sarah, I hope your birthday was as fun as this looks! (Animated gif by Clint Spaulding)

    All photos taken with my iPhone via Instagram.