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  • samuel turned one. #7 & #12.

    Last week, I shared a sneak peek of some birthday party designs I have been working on. Well, Samuel turned one this weekend and now I can share the whole party! Yay!

    I volunteered my design skills for this party, but when Laura (Samuel's mom) told me the theme would be woodland creatures, I got seriously excited. Seriously. I'm in love with how the whole thing turned out. Mr. Owl, Mr. Fox and Mr. Raccoon are total BFFs. They definitely made Samuel's party extra fun.

    We started with the invites. They set the tone for the rest of the party. Please tell me that you love this wood grain paper as much as I do? Isn't it amazing? It's completely perfect for the theme and adds a little something extra special.

    Here is how the rest played out... It's so great to see things go from the computer to real life! It's also great to start tackling #7 (open my Etsy shop) and #12 (DIY) on my 30 before 30 list.

    Laura and I sat together one night creating the terrarium centerpieces, putting together the party hats and cutting out the banners. I adore the little terrariums. I made one with each character for myself. I used this template from Oh Happy Day to create the party hats. Laura had the cake made at a local bakery and she made those awesome mushroom sugar cookies. I was impressed.

    Let's not forget about the birthday boy! I told Laura he needed to rock a fox tail for the party. She bought the supplies and her mom whipped one up. Possibly humiliating, but absolutely adorable. He also wore a wood grain bow tie that I gifted him at their baby shower. So freakin' cute. I die.

    And here's a moment between me and the little guy. Samuel and I have totally bonded. He makes my heart melt.

    I wish all projects could be this fun. It never felt like work and I was so happy to do it all with Laura. It turned out to be such a special day.

    I plan on selling some of these items (invites, banners, hats and possibly the terrariums) in my Etsy shop soon. I'll be sure to let you know when it's open!

    All photos by Melissa Anderson and Laura Northerner. Check out my feed on Instagram for more.