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  • 30 before 30.

    Hello, you! My name is Melissa Anderson. It's nice to meet ya. Last week, I turned 29. Being that this is the last year of my twenties, it got me thinking. Is this where I thought I would be at this age? Am I happy with where I am at? Are there other things I should be doing with my time? Blah. Blah. Blah. Ya know, all of those questions that run through your head with each year that passes by. Then, I saw this post by Elsie and was inspired to make my own list. This list. I thought it would be fun to dedicate my blog to these goals for the next year. And to make this blog good. Really good. Something to be proud of.

    Care to join me on this adventure? The clocks-a-tickin'. Let's do this!


    1. Create and maintain a blog that I believe in.
    2. Cook a meal once a week.
    3. Go on a picnic.
    4. Take a vacation with Nate. Big or small.
    5. Read more. Goal: One book a month.
    6. Attend Saturday letterpress workshops.
    7. Open my Etsy shop.
    8. Apply to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair.
    9. Work toward my goal of going freelance.
    10. Visit my best girl Sarah in New York.
    11. Work on time management. Lessen endless internet browsing and TV watching.
    12. DIY. Step away from the computer and get my hands dirty.
    13. Start yoga. Goal: Go once a week.
    14. Get better at relaxing. Everyone needs a guilt-free break now and then.
    15. Sketch more. Start each project with a sketch. It’s important.
    16. Learn to knit. Goal: Complete one project.
    17. Take more photos (Instagram or otherwise). Goal: Take one memorable photo a day.
    18. Collaborate with Sarah.
    19. Send (more) snail mail because it’s fun!
    20. Get glasses and stop squinting.
    21. Move. It’s time to find a place that feels more permanent.
    22. Spend more, but buy less.
    23. Go to the zoo.
    24. Make time for special date nights. Goal: Once a month.
    25. Wear shorts with confidence. Yoga should help!
    26. Spend more time with friends/family. Goal: Dinner once a month.
    27. Complete my online portfolio.
    28. Use my new sewing machine. Goal: Complete one project.
    29. Start a new collection. Every thrifting trip will be an adventure!
    30. Discover one amazing new thing in Detroit.

    All photos taken with my iPhone via Instagram.